Guild Charter

I. Organization


In addition to the GM, OE boasts two raid teams, several officers, and raid leaders who have taken on varying responsibilities within the guild. Each officer is expected to be an exemplar of everything the guild embodies, including responsibility, maturity, professionalism, and performance. OE officers are often among the best performing raiders on our team and are always available to offer advice or an ear.

  • GM – Babylonius (Babiyama)
  • OE Midweek Officers
    • Koji (Kartra)
    • Jakejunior (Jakerator)
    • Schlim (Schlimmy
    • Morgrom (Morghosts)
    • Zarantai
  • OE Weekend Officers
    • Emallson (Eisenpelz)
    • Gucci
    • Maelz
    • Traltixx


Raid Team Members

Like officers, raiders are expected to act maturely and respectfully in every setting. Raiding requirements are discussed in Section II.


Social Members

While Social members will not be invited to progression raiding on a regular basis, they are a highly valued part of Occasional Excellence. Social members are held to the same expectations as raiding members with regard to maturity and respect.

***OE defines acting maturely and respectfully to include refraining from the use of homophobic and racial slurs, and politely requests that all conversation pertaining to race, religion, gender, and sexual preference be had outside guild chat and Discord.***



II. Raiding with Occasional Excellence


OE’s weekday raid team, “OE Midweek (OEM)”, raids on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings starting at 8:00pm and ending promptly by 12:00am Eastern. Because of the limited raid schedule, raiders are expected to be ready to enter the raid instance 10-15 minutes prior to raid time in order to ensure we begin raiding promptly at 8:00pm. Trash often starts at 7:50pm.

OE’s weekend raid team, “OE Weekend (OEW)”, raids Friday 8:00pm to 12:00am and Sunday 7:00pm to 11:00pm. Just like OEM, OEW’s raiders are expected to be ready to enter the raid instance 10-15 minutes prior to raid time in order to ensure we begin raiding promptly at the planned time.



All raid team members are expected to maintain consistent attendance, especially during periods of progression. Because of our focus on adult professionals, this attendance policy is fairly flexible, so long as there is constant communication between members and guild/raid leadership. However, advance notice (24 hrs) is expected for planned absences due to work, family, trips, etc. Consideration is given for more short-notice concerns as needed. Raiders who will miss a raid for any reason must sign up as “not attending” on our calendar. Failure to sign up for absences may result in consequences, including loot penalties.


Each Raider is expected to come prepared with the required knowledge and materials to raid successfully. Discord activity is strongly encouraged (See: Discord Strategy Channels). Historically, these channels have been quite active even on off-days. Raiding only seven hours a week requires a great deal of preparation and coordination; coming to raid unprepared is unacceptable. Our raiders hold each other responsible for extremely high levels of individual and team preparation.

The guild bank will provide repairs, food, and flasks for raid team members. Potions are usually provided by each raider. Donations are not required for any members; however, members are encouraged to contribute when possible. Mats can be accessed directly from the guild bank.

Raiders are responsible for their own role and class-specific fight research, gems and enchants, though team members are always willing to provide everything at little cost.



Loot in the Retail teams is distributed via RCLootCouncil, using the addon’s internal rolls rather than a direct council. All OE members are expected to be able to maturely handle loot distribution and work toward the best result for the guild and raid.



OE uses Discord as a tool during and before raid. Discord can be an exceptional tool for coordination and communication, but distractions should be limited during raid time. Please make sure to use this tool appropriately.



For more information about our team, community, and history, please consult our WarcraftLogs profile.